Brilliant Truths is a movement to end ableism. We exist to create a brilliant world that recognizes the strength, wisdom, and capacity of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
A woman with blond hair tied back is walking into her job as a hotel hostess.
Our Mission is to end ableism through a new public narrative that celebrates the strength, wisdom, and capacity of people with disabilities.
We exist to highlight the strength, wisdom, and capacity of people who have disabilities so they are respected and embraced in the community by all Minnesotans and beyond.
A world co-created with people who have disabilities, so all people are prosperous, respected, and free.

Share your brilliant truth.

Your story helps us start to build a brilliant future. By sharing your brilliant truth you're helping us create a new narrative to reach people, businesses, and leadership around the state.

A bearded man in a grey sweatshirt with a leaf motif sits at a table and concentrates on painting with a blue brush on paper, with a woman's profile visible in the foreground and a 'Disability Justice' poster in the background. The man is attending an artistic self-advocacy workshop at The Arc Minnesota.